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Isabelle le Breton

Hi! My name is Isabelle & I came across your website trying to see if Skewjack Surfing Village was still around (- I've been looking for a weekend getaway base for a bunch of us who need a break.)
My heart really sank when I saw it had been demolished.
My bottom lip may have even trembled somewhat!
This might be very dull, & it has nothing to do with surfing but I have great memories of Skewjack - I was part of West Kent Youth Theatre & the whole Theatre Company stayed there whilst doing a few performances of 'Arc, or Noah & His 40 Day, No Sunshine Cruise' at the Minnack - I'm thinking, 1987? 1988? (so I would have been 17)
There were 4 of us in Chalet 15 & it became our home for a week.
Such great memories; dancing to Five Star on the dance floor bit near the bar/tuck shop area & frantic giggling & shusssssshing as we stumbled around in the dark back to the Chalet.
Fast forward to 2017; We've just moved so everything's in boxes but somewhere, I have photos & a mix-tape, cryptically labelled 'Chalet 15'.
My heart is gurgling.

Best wishes

Isabelle Le Breton

Mark Nicholls

Hi There

I stumbled on the site - well done for keeping the legend alive.

After 32 years, I finally got round to having my Skewjack poster
framed. Found it in the attic with loads of other old stuff and it's a
beauty. Great graphics and copy!

Summer of '76 - very hot, Harvey Wallbangers, girls, girls, girls,
sunburn, riotous disco at night, Thin Lizzy on the radio over a great
Bistro breakfast - first and last taste of surfing though! Fantastic
memories. I know I've got some photos somewhere...

Best wishes Mark Nicholls

Nick Parton What a Fantastic Experience

We first came to skewjack in 1976.. we won the treasure hunt that year and came again in 1976, a free week.. We did 2 weeks with you think it was September ..

First year we came on motorbikes... Honda 500 Four and Honda 250 G5.. Wow.. in 77 we came in my first car 1966 NSU 110, unforgettable holiday.. changed me for life.. still see most of the guys I came with.. I've attached a couple of pics.

Nick Parton
Nicks Pics

A Few More Pics
Few more pics for the site. We met up with a guy Lee Sheddan, whilst we were there who we palled up with..

Nick Parton

Nick Paden Really enjoyed reading the website and thought you might like a pic of these very fetching high fashion Skewjack tees which we rediscovered in the loft last month ... Can' t remember which trip I got 'em as there were several !!
First went to Skewjack however in Summer 1976 with my mate Geoff Round for a 2 week stay in late August travelling down from Yorkshire in beat-up Ford Capri. After watching a surf film- ( "Playgrounds in Paradise " maybe?)- and getiing the usual morning dry- land " briefing session" in the Sunset Bar on the first morning we tear-arsed in Amy along the narrow lanes& down to the beach for our first taste of surfing at Sennen . Choice of weapons included a selection of single fin popouts, a couple of mals ( which the guards coveted ) and a very trendy yellow Morey Doyle ( which everone tried to grab) . With these we set out to tackle 3' onshore dumping storm surf and as it was absolutelyy pissing down we were generously kitted out in sleeveless 3mm short johns - ( purple & black I seem to remember and not exactly a snug fit -either for me ) whilst very sensibly the lifeguards fully dressed in overcoats, mufflers etc stayed on the beach and bawled key advice at us through a megaphone like "Hurry up & get outside " and " Come on you nancies get stood up !" A piece of very sound advice from that session given to us by one of the Aussie life guards still rings in my ears to this very day was : " Remember , if ya see ya mate standing up before you do, go over to him &.... knock his bloody legs away!"

Although I had started surfing in Devon a few summer earlier I'd had no lessons so this first trip to Skewjack did the trick & I ain't stopped surfing since.. After plenty more daily sessions (and earbashings) that Summer eventually we were able to stand up most times, catch and angle on what felt like reasonable sized waves ....that is until the legs went entirely numb from the knees down to match the wetsuit - This in itself actually was an advantage as I couldn't feel a thing when stumbling over the rocks below the car park wall after once again ignoring advice to avoid them & thus any dings... to the board!
The second week the sun shone and we had an excellent time in cleaner waves and much better weather which helped improvements all round , although the ever popular " rail sandwich" tasted much the same ...! A non surfing highlight was The Treasure Hunt in particular a "refuelling" at The Gurnards Head ( sod the the driving around .. ) and somehow we won first prize .. Yup .. another week at Skewjack !!. Memorable nights stand out from the sessions not only in the Sunset Bar but also in The First & Last and of course , The Old Success and the bar skittles competitions. I seem to remember getting entirely mullered also in a restaurant in Newlyn on mead one night - 100% socially dangerous stuff on the wrong ( i.e mine ) hands.- which followed by the only morning I missed out on the full Bistro breakfast !!

Learnt how to ding repairs during one of my stays from a South African guy who was at the College of Mining and was doing repairs in an old out house at the top of the site next some new(er) chalets which we stayed in a couple times ..somebody said it was a converted cow shed !!

Later after marrying my now very long- suffering surf-widowJulie and moving to Kent , we had a couple more holidays at Skewjack in '79 or '80 - or '81 I think . but by then I got my shit together -own board , wettie etc so we were off exploring to other spots etc and the camp was going thru' changes described elsewhere by others .. Stayed in Sennen village and area a lot in the '80's both Summer & Winter hols and had more than few great nights in The Old Success once again .

I ve seen Pete a few times over the years since then on BSA course and what not although I don' t get down to S. West now much as we have been up on the Yorkshire coast since '88 ,got 2 kids John ( 20 ) and Alice( 17) who is also a keen surfer too ..Had a surf shop in Scarboro' for few years too ....Still surfing plenty as work has taken a back seat & more importantly there are plenty of breaks up here to go at around Scarboro ', Whitby etc( all pretty busy now ),many quiet ones too if u search 'em out plus many more up the Borders-which is only 2/3 hours(see t'oher pic- tha'st me on the right, on my birthday- Northumberland March '07 ) -and on up into Scotland, although each Winter - come February. I say it's" the last b. one " but I get new steamer or board and jus' keep on going! Aye up & cheers for now-
Nick (61)
Nick Paden

Nick today still at it past 60....

Tiffany Newell Hi,

Met some friends who had come down to cornwall from Shrewsbury last week, and my friends brother started talking about wether we knew of Skewjack. Me & my husband are locals and remember it well, we even named a star "Skewjack" as it meant so much to us??!!

Remember rolling the car more than once in the lanes after a 'quiet' evening in the bar!

Just another one of those places we have to tell our grandchildren about, add to the Zero & Saddletramps!

Tiffany & Keith Terry
Maxine Hartshorn Hi there,

Great web site – just looking at the old photos made me smile with all the boys with their long curls, bet they wish they still had even half ;-)

Thanks a million

John Fundock

Connecticut US

Skewjack was my nirvana!

After getting a "Greetings from the President of the US" letter and being inducted into the Army in 1972, I knew my surfing passion was going to be running dry while I spent the next two years protecting the Russian border, and nuclear missiles in Germany. My days of surfing big waves in the East Coast hurricane season dryed up!

Then I saw your ad in Surf magazine, and I was on a new mission! (I still have that ad!)

Within 6 months I boarded a military plane for London, hitched a ride to Cornwall, and a great Brit bought me a pint and a fish /chips dinner and then drove me right to your door step! He said a yank saved his life during WWII, and he never had a chance to say thanks. A real gentleman and fellow soldier.

My 8 days camping at the Village were extraordinary: a spiritual reprieve from the military, daily surfing on some small swells, getting lost in the fog on the beach, watching the "Endless Summer" premier with a few pints of scrumpy and with some friendly fellow campers.

Thanks for the memories and the great times. You saved my soul.

From the other side of the "pond",

John Fundock
Ruth (Pascoe)

I visited Skewjack several times between 1975 – 1982. I actually learned to surf, thanks to Harvey’s patience!.I have memories of visiting the Wreckers up top Sennen and The Old Success under Sennen. You could only go in the public bar of the Success if you had a wetsuit on and they wouldn’t serve you easily if you weren’t a local! Luckily my little sister could pull off a mean Cornish accent when needed.In the latter years I came with my little son, Ben, when he was 3 and 4 years old. We were given a luxury chalet just across from the Sunset Bar so I could keep popping back to check on him at night. On one occasion an outing to Penzance was cancelled and a disco hastily arranged in the bar so I could join in. Essex & Cass were around during the day for Ben to play with and the girls were very kind keeping an eye on Ben while I surfed.

There were a couple of guys that lived in a pig sty (literally!) up near Gwenver who picked spuds as rent for the sty and surfed as they pleased!

Skewjack was the first place I ever saw a skateboard. I think it belonged to Harvey and was used as an aid to learn balance.

Anyway, it was a great place.

Ruth (Pascoe)

George Harris

An original resident and probably stayed for free!!

just found your web site. ( looking for Radar stations actually). Makes very interesting reading.

Takes me back. I was stationed at RAF Sennen, National service 1954- 56.

Loved it, brilliant place, never off the beach at sennen cove. If you are doing a history of the place, I could search through my boxes and find a few interesting photo's of some of the guys that were there, long before you guys. Let me know.
Best Wishes
George Harris

Steve Inglis

Hi Graham.

Had Geoff and Anne White over for tea last night.
(Dunsborough West Oz) and they told me of this site so i checked it
out. i wasnt involved with Skewjack but would just like to say hi to
a bunch of people i used to know.
Harvey, Wog, Rob Smith, Barry, PT, Spez, Nick and John Briant.

"In the summer of 76" it was like stepping back into the 60's and having fun
with it all. The beach boys had a best of album that seemed to
epitomize the times unfortunately the main stream discovered surfing
and "where are we now" .You guys blew me out how friendly and unique you all were
Now we are just a bunch of old farts thinking about the good old

To you all "teach your children well"

I didn't say that.
Steve Inglis. March 25th 2008

Barbara Freshwater

Hi Everyone,
This is Barbara ‘Duckpond’ Freshwater. I worked at Skewjack between 1977 and 1981.
I actually had an interview with Chris Tyler & Ron Bishop in London before I got the ‘gig’. I helped Jan Harris run the Bistro for that first year and then worked with Foxy in the Bar for the next year. Then I had another couple of years cooking with Helen & Suzanne.
It was the most amazing, unique time and place and I always credit Skewjack for making me the person I am today! (Note sure if that’s good or bad, but hey ho.)
My sister Lesley worked in the Bistro for 1 season with Jayne Gardner.
I went to Barbados in 1981 with Rob Smith (married in Oz, I hear), Steve Jameson, KT, Nick Briant, Simon & Jo Midwood (Receptionist 1980)

I am still in touch with quite a few people – Jan Harris is married with 2 kids & living in Suffolk, Mike Cattran is in Luxembourg, the other Barbara (Daw) is in Brussels and their daughter Becky is at Uni in Leeds, Chris & Lelly who were serial punters (in the big white custom van) and actually lived very close to me in North London, are still great friends.
KT (Chris Haines) is now in San Diego & we all went out to his wedding in 2000.
He & Barry White kept in touch and we saw Barry a couple of years ago in London.
(Where are you now Barry?)
A few years ago we all came down for PT’s 50th birthday party. I have also seen Jon Briant in Newquay & Steve Jameson in St Just in recent years
Cassius, Chris Tyler’s son was in London for a while a couple of years ago and we saw him a few times. Not sure where he is now. I think Essex is an artist and potter in Newlyn.
Still exchange Christmas cards with Harvey & Lisa.
Jayne Gardner is married & living on the Gold Coast.
Bruce & Maria, married in Brighton , I think

Other people I remember… Graham & Sylvie (of course) the various lifeguard- Curly, James, Adrian (Spez), Colin, Aussie Dave, Ted, Paul, Kevin the Aussie lifeguard, Jeff Devane & Kath (or Kaff!) Jeremy, Martin (Dr Fun),Valerie, Fran- we shared a cottage in the winter of 1977, Terry & Jimmy, Jan Strick (fact!), Hilary & Ray (Ron Bishop’s sister & brother-in-law, Cliff Hugo, Suzanne & Tony, Helen, Emma, Valerie, Joe Crow, Steve Palmer, Jill, Stuart & Doug who were later versions of Dr Fun, & Ralph the barman who was sacked for nicking stock.(Allegedly!)

Oh happy days!

Tim Perks

I went there with my mates in approx 1972 or 1973?. It was my first holiday away from my parents. I don't have any photos just my memory. I was with approx 6 mates, only one I have contact with now. We had cabin opposite the entrance.
Things that stick in my memory:
1/ We went for midnight swim when we first arrived. My mate Rob Bonner was first to dive in pool and came out with green slime on him lol.
2/ We had arguments with some London boys. I remember Clayton, who has a weird tendy haircut. short on one side of head and long over his ear on other side. Arrogant cockneys lol.
3/ I remember the Sunset bar. I think it was red inside and the walls were always dripping with condensation. When we were there we drunk newcastle brown ale and I remember everyone taking the lables off the bottles and sticking them on their faces and chests...even the girls lol.
4/ Out of our group, only one actually wanted to surf. His first trip to beach and he broke his leg!! I had to take him to hospital. Poor old Skippy. After the holiday I never saw him again...wonder what happened to him!
5/ I remember discussing our hatred of the cockneys with a man at reception. Not sure who he was but he said he didnt like them either and that if we wanted to beat them up, we must do it off the premises. The man I remember was quite big with dark hair. He used to do dumbell curls in reception area. Do you know who he was? He was great bloke.
6/ I was in cornwall maybe 10 years or so back and drove to see Skewjack and remember it was blocked off by soil etc and I haven't been back since.
7/ Ahh, I just remembered another story. When we were there my mate had a beach buggy and someone else also had one. Well the other driver shot off the road into the ditch late at night, and many people went there to help pull him out. Do you remeber that?

A lot has happened to me since then. I am now a boring 53 year old. Those times were great although I cant remember alot as we were normally a bit

As I said before, I have lost contact with all my mates from then except one, and with him I lost contact for 20 years and only recently found him through friends reunited.

Well those are my memories from when I was young and just wanted a good laugh. Now I am a middle aged grumpy old bugger always thinking about the good old times. I shouldn't say those things really, as I just got married again and wife is pregnant. In fact I still act like a kid and she tells me to 'grow up'.

Well that is all I have to say, sorry if it's a bit boring, although the time at Skewjack was definitely NOT boring.

Best Regards Tim Perks

Adrian Dix Hi Graham
I've put some snaps on the attachment for 1978/9 i'm not sure which is was
The guy playing the guitar is Norman Woods who made guitars at his home
which was on the right hand side of the main road as you go from Sennen to
Lands End
The others are some girls we met who were from London and one is of the
fancy dress night
It was funny reading the web site as we were never sure as to what Cliff did
I'll send some more when i get time

Look at the high-tech TV !!!

Elaine Roe Wow, really amazing.  I was just thinking about Cornwall and I just thought there might be someone out there who remembered Skewjack.  I spent my first ever holiday away from home in at Skewjack in1975. Just two weeks and I will never forget, discos every night, joss sticks and people my own age.  Thanks for keeping the memory alive.  Been back since but couldn't get near the place.  shame about the crap they've put up in its place.  Nice gentle place that it was.  still there we are.  

I'll visit regularly.  I'll see if I have any photos, but I don't think I have.

And I use to live near Brighton.  

Elaine Roe (was Gower) Watchet Somerset
Brian Shaw I was one of those London Boys. I’m 52 now and living in Palm Beach Florida, after a varied career diving and other stuff, that had me take a rest for 15 years in Key West.
Skewjack was Key West in Cornwall! I remember a night in St. Just when the power went out in a pub/bar with a big opening sliding door. I drove my 1967 Chevy Camaro into the bar and we listened to The Average White Band and Doobie Brothers all night on an 8-track. Welsh girls too. So much fun!
I remember that dirty old swimming pool, an ambulance, Gwenver Sands (sp?) and a guy named Harvey that had a VW that got from Penzance to Skewjack faster than anything. I went back in summer 1985 on a motorcycle and the place was empty and falling down. One guy there remembered me from 18 years prior, but it was sad to see those colours all faded and the sense all was coming to an end. We had both changed.
Thanks for the memories!
Kindest Regards,
Brian Shaw.
Adrian 'Spezz' Wesley

Hi Graham,

Just stumbled over your site today. What a great way to remember great
times. I'll dig out a few photos and get them scanned and drop you a further
mail with a few choice "Memories".

Are you still getting into the water ? I understand the pier gets up to 3ft
6ins during a hurricane !. I' got back into the water in June after a 20
year break; absolutly loving it second time around - still goin in every
weekend... the quality of wetsuits is just so good these days and I can't be
the only selfish winter-sufing fan of global warming. I am currently on a
8.4" and am just looking to get a new "Fat-Boy" around 7ft from Chops or
Nigel Semmens. In fact, it was whilst searching for boards that I found
your site.

Adrian "Spezz" Wesley

Steve 'Foxy' Thomas Hey Graham,
Just thought I would type in Skewjack on my pc here in OZ and here you are
Well done you
Ok ....its Steve Thomas (Foxy) from Western Australia... yes Im still alive
Barman... surfer, general hand, photographic model (guy in orange with girl
in chalet)
Hope you remember me. What hapend to the broucher with (foxy off the lip)
was I supercceded by some yummy nubile ceature.
Anyway Just had to say Hi there. If you see Tim cattran say Hi from me
Steve (Foxy ) Thomas
Western Australia
PS . Great site
Dave Hunter Hi,
I worked for Chris Tyler at Skewjack in 1972, it was just before
university and I clearly remember Duncan, Terri and Chris South who
was about to join. Many amazing memories of driving the ambulance and
double de-clutching on Sennen hill and buying cases of eggs that were
out of date and floating them in bowls of water before serving them
to check if they were off! I haven't seen Chris Tyler for about 10
years, last time was surfing at Praa with Colin (wog) Wilson and the
last time I heard of him again, he was running the Arts Club in
Penzance. I presume his father has long since died? We made boards
(Chris shaped/glassed, I sanded and did fins) in the rear garage, for
the old Westcountry TV station and the decals were delayed so we made
them out of green serviettes! During my summer at Skewjack, I lived
with Chris and Vanessa in their cottage at the back of the site,
their son - can't quite remember his name - was a small baby. I also
have fond memories of an artist - Chris Eaves (or Eades?), a surfer
who lived in St Just and was a regular in the bar
I live in St Columb Minor, just outside of Newquay ( since 1978). I
work in theatre in Cornwall and often find myself at The Acorn
Theatre in Penzance or at The Ordinalia Festival in St just and I
often think of the old place, so it was a delight to come across your
site! Please sign me up for the staff list!
I've attached a photo of me kneeboarding (last Mar at Watergate) - it
was Duncan who lent me an old kneeboard and got me into it back in '72.
Dave Hunter: Part Two! Sorry, couldn't resist telling you more!
I just looked at the original brochure and I remembered - that's me
in the white T shirt with long flowing locks in the bottom right hand
corner and above it, in the bar, in a red T shirt! Wow, have you got
a copy you could let me have?
Dave Hunter: Part Three This is pathetic - I feel like a kid again! I've just taken a closer look at the brochure. The cover shot is "Foxy" Thomas, a visiting aussie from Perth, who came to live me in the summer of 1977 in Newquay, he's the guy in orange holding his board outside the reception area, that's Chris in the foreground holding a Martin Geary spacestick, shaped in Newquay (Martin Geary's, still about - I see him often), the guy to the left of Foxy was a local from Penzance who's name I can't remember but his board is a brand new, that day, early freedom twin fin imported from the Channel isles! The photo underneath is off Chris' wife, Vanessa, and underneath that the guy in the stars and stripes vest is Chris tyler.
Bottom left of the centre pages is a good close up of Foxy Thomas, can't remember who the girl is? The girl sat with me at the table is Jill Allcock, a PE student on holiday from Manchester - I had a great time with her!! Foxy is also featured on the opposite centre page in the cottage photo. Surf's Up page - the cut out girl was from a photo shoot to publicise Skewjack that we did at Gwenver, Duncan and I actually sat under water holding her and the board steady - the shot was for the Daily Express. The top left photo is Chris Tyler and back to camera with the red single fin is Duncan, the board that Chris is holding - yellow/white single fin - we made at Skewjack during that summer and, yes, that Skewjack decal on its deck was cut out of green serviettes just like the Westcountry TV decals! That's Chris holding the bull horn in the bottom left photo. The opposite cut out shot of the girl is from the Daily Express shoot.
Wow! what more can I say, isn't the web amazing? You've made a 52 year old surfer feel 18 all over again!
Best wishes
and this is Dave now:

Watergate Bay March 2006. Not bad for an 'old un!!

Jeremy Braithwaite Graham
Saw the site and it brought back heaps of memories.
I worked for Ron Bishop at Scotia in the late 60's and helped him and Chris
pull Skewjack together. I've still got some photos of the very early days
plus - if I can find it - an even older brochure. Will have a look for you.
Are Chris & Ron still around? Assume that Essex is his son ... Chris came
from Essex originally.
I migrated to Sydney in 1971 and met up with Chris and Strawberry in the
late 1970's and haven't been in touch since. Exchanged a couple of mails
with Chris South and he said Piggy - who used to make our wetsuits - was
the town cryer in Penzance.

Jeremy Braithwaite

Richard Roach

April 2nd: Apologies for delay in posting this..

My youngest daughter saying she’s going to a surf hostel in Newquay just encouraged me to put in the name Skewjack to see if there’s life after years of enjoyable self abuse. I had a yellow MG Roadster in ’73 or ‘74 that with the roof down brought a dozen passengers back from local pubs after drinking games with vegetable picking students in the area. How the exhaust didn’t fall off during the trips I’ll never know. I remember the greasy pole and pillow fights across the pool, building castles out of Colt 45 cans, two identical twin 21 year old lads in a red Capri that thought they had pulling power until the rowdies from some heavy rock group emerged from a luxury chalet – it had doors.. and to two very amicable Irish girls that were about to become nuns but in desperate need to get certain things out of their system, thank you.. and perhaps a mornings surf instruction that interfered with a brilliant holiday for my 18th year and a friend from school.. and then to some dozen lads from ?Hemel Hempstead? Who thankfully were not as good as me at poker that assisted my funds for the alcohol.. Just an amazing experience – many thanks to you all.

Richard Roach

John Hall


Hi, I have about 20 of the original brochures, if anyone would like one, Stick my email details on the site, and they can have one free.
Cheers John Hall:
Skewjack visitor 74, 75, and 96 when I found the brochures just thrown in one of the rooms.

Colin Arksey Hi Gram
I just thought I would drop you a short note, having just discovered the Skewjack web site, great to see. Many happy memories of the place and winning the fancy dress competition several times in a row in the late 70's, very early 80's, such as the Scarecrow(first one) the Durex Machine, K9 with Laila and the Cigarette machine to name some of them.One of the team ( I still see several of them, even though we have all nearly reached fifty and the joys of Saga) has got some photos which when christmas is sorted and out of the way, he will be willing to send so they can be posted on the web site, but if you have any or know of any others, it would be great to see them.

Regards and Happy Christmas and New Year
Colin Arksey
Simon 'Stretch' Carr

Graham, what a fantastic website, not quite sure how I found it.

Don't know if you remember me too well, my name is Simon Carr and I worked with you at Sennen in 1982 along with Rob, Spez and Ted. What a summer that was, I rocked up as a 17yr old rookie guard, didn't know much, didn't drink much and had a steady girlfriend. Within a few weeks of the summer I had blown out the missus and was partying hard every night at Skewjack. 10 pints of guiness or holsten everynight at' first and last' and then onto 'skewers'. Highlights for me were the bicycle pub crawls to skewjacks, the massive nights we had there and the great big brekkies we had in the morning. What a great bunch of blokes they all were and what great memories.

I now live on the far south coast of N.S.W in Australia and still surf, fish and have a great life. Hope you are well and if you happen to know where Rob lives, or have his e-mail, then let me know as I think he is in aussie too.
Other highlights?....Rob shitting himself accidently whilst farting, screaming around everywhere in Robs red post office van in second gear only, Rob and Spez twirling around naked to "country boy" to everyones amusement etc. etc. etc.

Barry 'Slack' White

Just a quickie to say hello and how are you. Hope you remember me.....Barry White,

I was lifeguard at Skewjack during the summer of 1980 and spent a few years down that way before moving to the San Diego area and then Sydney. I returned home to live in England 6 years ago and now live on the South coast in Bognor Regis ( stop laughing ). I have an 8 year old daughter (Erika) that lives with me who was born in Mona Vale, Sydney, and luckily her mother ( from Chile ) still lives in Sydney. I still get down to PZ whenever I can ( last time 2 weeks ago ), and usually stay with Harvey ( or TC ). Saw most of the boys when I was down there ( Joe, Harvey, Jan, Bruce. Mike, Jmo ), and it always turns into a big piss up.....nothing changes. I am still in touch with KT ( one of the London boys now living in San Diego ), and Barbara 'duckpond' Freshwater ( although we haven't spoken in a while ). I'm sure KT would have some old photos of the Skewjack times and I know Barbara does.

Anyway, hope all is well with you....

Rob Salter

Hi graham More photos for you and the site, good to see people still finding it.
  Rob says: This one is my buddy Owen, now living in Japan on the sunny island of Miyako, a few years ago he made the news when he rescued a local surfer after a shark attack - what a guy! ( what a meal!)
  So thats what the rafters were for...
John Thresher

I have fond memories of Skewjack. I used to go there at Easter with a bunch of lads from Romford way. I was never much of a surfer - just went for the craic really. I got rescued once by a tall bearded life guard (god, some of those guys were strong swimmers !) can't remember his name although I have a picture of him wearing dungerees playing pool. Fashion victim or not he saved my worthless butt and I probably never thanked him enough. (THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN AUSSIE MARK WORTHINGTON, HE WAS SOMETHING ELSE IN THE WATER Gx)
I recall an afternoon in the bar playing pool with two mates (Clive and Alan Hancock) and Cliff kept serving us - I ended up drinking about 13 pints of larger !! Never done it since. (I've never been the same since!)

I've just bought a cheap scanner and was looking through a load of old photos and I found all my old Skewjack pics.
There is probably too many to e-mail to you (I'm on dial-up) and scanning them seems to result in a rather large bmp file but I can burn them on to a CD and snail mail them to you (if only for you own amusement :-) ).
Let me know if you'd like them.


Mark Tucker. Dear Graham,
Sorry but I can't remember you, but I do know some of the other names like, both the Chris's and PT, when I visited in the early 80's, Andy was one of the surf instructor's, Guy taught wind surfing and Dave rock climbing. I will get back to you with more specific dates, after I have rummaged thought old photos. I actually have live footage of Skewjack from my last ever visit, I think it must have almost been the last year it was open. I went down with my girlfriend to see my brother Alan Tucker and girl friend Jane Hart who were running the bistro (kitchen) for that summer. The footage is very boring in some places but great in others, I originally filmed it on an early video camera, which in turn was placed on betamax, my father has now had it put on to DVD for me. All this came to light very unfortunate circumstances, I found my brother dead in his flat on 10th September 2004, 3 days after his 36th birthday, my father found the old betamax video when looking thought old boxes of photo's.

The DVD shows a couple of trips to the old GoKart track by the Heli port in Penzance, which also had a big tank with bumper boats in it, the bistro is as it always was, but the main bar and club house had moved to the purpose built building the far side of the pool. My first holiday to Skewjack was about '82 when I was only about 16 my brother would have been 14 and my school mate Spud 16, the only reason we were allowed to go on our own, by coach, was that my father was on holiday in Pendeen while we were at Skewjack.

I will never understand why it closed and nobody ever tried to get it going again, OK some of the chalet's were a bit ropey, but the new clubhouse that was seemed well built. If it was open now I would go camping there with my wife and family. Following the season in Skewjack my brother did a year as a comi chef in the Queens hotel, Penzance, and lived in a cottage near Gulval. My bother went back to Pendeen last summer with his two young daughters a couple of months before he died, he told he that he had bumped into PT while he was down the so he is still about.

If I can get the DVD copied and you would like to see it in full moving colour, let me have an address to send it to.

Regards and best wishes, it is nice to see some people keep fond memories alive.

Mark Tucker (39) Coventry.

Derek Bradford

Didn't "Surf and Cruise" become "The Run to the Sun." See, Skewwjack did it first.....although we called it Custom Car Week

Hi Graham
My names Derek Bradford and I attended virtually very custom car run to Skewjack, My good friend Martin West was the originator of the run and I used to offer my assistance in organizing the event.
I remember Skewjack with the fondest thoughts, and they were no doubt the best times I ever had.
And your right in saying 18-30s holidays were nothing compared to the activities that used to go on in the Skewjack bar!
I was in my late teens, early twenties then, but have now reached a young 46 and living in Burgess Hill
The custom car gave way to a sports car which then turned into the dreaded family estate and is now the middle age four wheel drive! Have to say looking at the photos on your website really bought back the memories, I recognized a lot of faces but couldn't put names to them. but will never forget Chris Tyler and Bouncer Big Cliff,
Also Big Al Mathews who lived in St Just and was a frequent visitor to the camp during the Surf & Cruise week.
I took the wife and kids to Sennen a few years ago, and we visited Skewjack as I wanted to show them where I used to go for my holidays.
They were not very impressed when we found it falling down and the entrance blocked with a mountain of rubble.
still managed to get in and have a nose around though!
I didn't know that it had now been completely demolished and redeveloped, and kind of feel really sad as its the end of an era!
It was always comfortable to know that although it had closed it was sought of still there if you know what I mean. But its nice to know that somebody is keeping the spirit alive !!!
I will keep in touch as I think I have a album full of photos somewhere. If we could only turn back the clock !!!!
Take care.... Del
Colin Archer On a recent trip to Cornwall, and Mullion I recently visited the Sennen area in an attempt to show my wife the Skewjack surf village I visited as a young 17year old back in 83 from London in a vain attempt to learn to surf, only to find it not where I believed it was in my memory
Despite driving through Sennen and the country lanes that I thought it was in I could not locate the place, which I know now to be because its been replace by the telecoms company, and could not find the little cove that was at the end of the lane past the entrance, only coming across Lamora cove is it ??
O n my return I surfed the net a skill I have managed to master in a vain attempt to locate what was back then our most amazing holiday, forget Ibiza, Shagalluf and all that.........Sennen Cove was always the place for us and that's when I came across your site and just looking through really stirred the memories, I even remember some of the staff from their rogues gallery

Great site and thanks for stirring a few memories, even the one of us pretty casual guys dressed like extras from a Wham video, from London walking into the sunrise bar on our arrival to be surrounded by what looked like the local Hells Angel Chaplain, watching ZZ Top on the Old Grey Whistle Test

Those were the see those tough guys dressed as cheerleaders later in the week at the fancy dress party was a real eye-opener !!

All the best with whatever you get upto..............and thanks for giving us all the best week of our lives, even thought we never did learn to surf If I manage to find any of our piccys from that time I'll forward them onto you

Cheers Colin Archer
Doug Wilson


Like so many other people I have fond memories of the old place and was pleasantly surprised to se some one else loved it to, I was a replacement "Dr Fun" in 1981, and can't remember some of it so it must have been good !,seeing Pete, Chris, Harvey etc brought out loads of memories and a few old pictures which I will forward to you, keep up the good work.

Doug Wilson Ashhurst New Zealand

Bill Mazey. Wales Hi, just typed Skewjack into the search engine and I found you. Great memories of surfing sennen in `75,`76,`78&`79.
The brochure brought back some hazy memories, great,great site. I knew someone would do it one day.
I can do west Cornwall from south Wales in 3.5hours now back then it was an all day trip, a 6am start with more water than petrol for the morris minor van.
Thanks man
Bill Mazey

John Redmond. Florida

Many thanx John, dunno how many will recognise themselves......