At Energaia, we offer tailor-made services, delivering high-quality energy assessments and consultancy to enable clients meet their building regulation obligations (Part L, Part O, Part G, Part F) - at very competitive rates. We welcome clients of any size: self-builds, micro, small, medium & large developers of dwellings and non-dwellings. We cover England and Wales.

About Us

we are fully qualified energy assessors


Part O Compliance

We have expertise in overheating calculations using both the Simplified Method and Dynamic Simulation Method (or dynamic thermal simulation) to enable you fullfil the requirements of CIBSE TM52, TM59, TM49 and building regs Part O. We can also help you with to comply with the requirements of Building Bulletin 101 by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES).


We can provide energy assessments for any domestic, non-domestic or school building from small and simple buildings to big and complex ones. We are very responsive with very fast turn-around times.

We are fully accredited and proficient with a range of industry leading building assessment software including Design SAP, Sketchup and IES Virtual Environment suite of software.

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